Hoisting applications

Rotzler TITAN hoisting winches are a safe and reliable solution for goods handling, loading and unloading or installation applications, even in terrain that is difficult to reach.

Recovery & Rescue

Hydraulic winches save valuable time when it comes to recovering vehicles or removing obstacles. In the event of accidents and other critical applications they provide safe and reliable help in difficult situations. These are just a few of the many ways in which winches make life easier during field operations.

Marine Industry

Extreme working conditions at sea demand dependable and strong equipment on board ship. In this regard, safety is an important criterion for the success and cost-effectiveness of the vessel.

Drilling Applications

Performance you can rely on is a crucial factor in all fields in which the productivity of much-used machines is highly dependent on both their speed and keeping downtimes to a minimum.

Military Equipment

Hydraulic winch systems help to mobilise stuck or stranded military wheeled and tracked vehicles and remove them from danger zones.